09 May 2010

"She's as happy as a clam. No, she's happier" -Pearl

Thank you for all the Mother's Day wishes!  I hope you had a day filled with hand-made cards, gifts, and coupons for help around the house.  I've already got plans for mine.  Is it illegal to duplicate those?  Ryan made dinner for all of us, my favorites:  beet ravioli, blueberry soup, a selection of cheeses with pear, and for dessert:
a caramel dark chocolate tart,
with blackberries and creme fraiche.  Salivating yet?
and someone got an ipod shuffle with opera music on it.  I won't name names.


  1. Oh my goodness-yummy-gracious.


  2. That's very mean of you to post a picture of such a delicious, glossy chocolatey, gooey caramelly tart and not even *pretend* that you'd share the recipe.
    hehe [thanks for your email btw. :)]

  3. Yummo!

    Love that picture of Claudette!

  4. I love your mom-in-law's face. Thanks for the flower that made my mom's day. She loves it.


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