21 April 2010

Aww, shucks

Thank you all for your kind words about the Ruched Headband yesterday.  I do hope you'll share your creations.  It's fun to see others' interpretations, no?

I've never had so many compliments about a pair of shoes!
Of course I've never been featured on Dana's blog, either!  She holds the admiration of many for a very good reason.  Thanks, Dana, for allowing me to be part of Celebrating Mom.
Lots of firsts over here.

So, the yellow shoes?
They were found by my mother-in-law in a fun little boutique shop and she knew they were just my style, so we left the slumbering babes with a competent caregiver and went straightaway to snatch them and tuck them under my arm.

But of course that doesn't help any of you seeking some ruffled soles of your own, now does it.
I did some light research [aka google--does that even qualify as research?] and found them here. Bargain.

Do a dance for me [in them] when they arrive at your stoop.


  1. What a great blog, just found it through another blogger. I'm a member of the Battle Ground Ward up in WA. Have a great day! -Jennifer

  2. Great blog! I love the headband. I just wanted to spread the word that I am doing a reversible apron give away to Celebrate Mom


  3. I also just found your blog through a friend. Awesome!

    Btw, I have some red shoes almost exactly like your yellow ones. I got them at DSW - they are Madden Girl, style name Setra. They have a few different colors here - http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?productRef=CROSS%3A&category=&prodId=dsw12prod970003&brand=300211

    Maybe a little more than the ones you posted, but with the platform and thicker heel, they are actually super comfy!

  4. Where did you find the yellow baby girl sandals? I love those, too!

  5. i loooooooved those shoes! so trendy!

  6. Melissa--The baby shoes came from Piperlime.com.

  7. I'm sitting here bored at work. I have read the all 20 pages of posts you have. You have a beautiful family. I love how in most pictures there's someone wearing boots. It's nice to read about other mormon familys and how they deal with things and how they promote spirtual growth in the fmaily. I enjoyied reading today and i am now a follower!

    I do love the shoes! if i can find it i will send it your way but i found a "how to" make shoes look like the yellow ones.

  8. Great blog, Katy! I LOVE the ruched headbands and the tutorial is easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your talents!!

  9. i love them in yellow. I have a pair of ruffled flats like that in black. i found them in payless...they are a little easier to chase a one year old around in. I love you blog.


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