20 March 2010

Vernal Equinox had my hands in flowers

I did flowers for a friend's wedding this weekend.  What a mess I make when working!
And yes, that's a pumpkin you see.  We're a bit behind in our holidays.
The beautiful Peruvian bride wanted a bouquet of red roses.
Mother of the groom watching her son and daughter-in-law dance
Bride and bridesmaids
Father of the bride and his little girl


  1. They turned out beautifully Katy. You are so talented in so many ways.

  2. The flowers look great! Your kitchen looks just like it should after doing all of that!

  3. Wow! Is there anything you can't do? The flowers are gorgeous!

  4. How wonderful that you'll take the time to do this with all your are trying to accomplish for Easter. Love you!


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