21 March 2010

Let's talk feet

For my current project, I've used the following feet:
Ruffler, automatic buttonhole, role and shell, edge stitcher, regular ol' straight stitch.
It makes such a difference to use the correct feet for your project. 
Read your user's manual or take a class at your local sewing machine retailer and it will open up a world of possibilities.

Or, come on over and I'll talk feet with you.  For hours.  I know, I'm pathetic. 

I just organized my buttons by color:  yellows & purples out to choose the perfect ones
Warm enough to do my hand stitching outside.  Lovely.


  1. Color coordinated buttons
    and mechanical feet sounds
    like a magical seamstress
    is threading up for a
    frenetic sewing session!

  2. i so admire your talents! i cant wait to see the easter outfits! (if thats the project!)

  3. This post makes me really want to take a class. I only know how to use the straight stitch and the button hole foot. AMAZING!

  4. Come over and we'll talk feet!

  5. Oh my this one and Divine's skirt are so adorable how will you beat them? Love them both.

  6. yes, i'd love to take you up on the hours of feet. we did the one, but it wasn't enough!
    your dresses are looking great!


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