19 February 2010

Wed and Bless with Feathers

I was going through my fabric [how I love to go through my fabric]
and came across some scraps from my oldest sister, Ashley's wedding dress.
There wasn't enough to use as is, but I looked at the beautifully embroidered bits and had an idea.
Wouldn't it be a perfect way to use those scraps in a blessing dress?
And she just happens to be expecting her first daughter.
I cut out the feathers and sewed them down the front on a sheer overlay.

Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Baker!

The wedding dress


  1. The blessing dress is beautiful! What a great idea!

  2. What an interesting wedding dress. I'm sure she will love the blessing dress. I love a thoughtful gift! Way to go!

    Looking through my old fabric always serves as a reminder of what I am letting sit untouched. It doesn't inspire me like it does you. Perhaps I need an attitude adjustment...

  3. Fun fun fun! I love the feather coming off the shoulder. What did Ashley say about it?

  4. Ann-I believe her exact words were: I'm so glad it's not long and floofy. :)

  5. I love the blessing dress. I love clothes with meaning!

  6. Two great dresses!
    Good job Katy!

  7. So beautiful. I am chuckling here with Ashley's response. What great idea!

  8. how gorgeous! both dresses are fab!

  9. oh katy,
    that is just stunning. gorgeous.
    (both dresses)

  10. Ma'am, I gasped. GASPED.
    So pretty.

  11. is it just my computer, or just my memory? ashley's dress looks grey, but was it blue? i'm losing my mind.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the blessing dress! i showed all my sisters... "look how coooooooooooool!"

  12. Olivia, it's a grey blue dupioni silk, but this photo was scanned, so yes, more blue than it shows.

  13. Beautiful creations!!! You are so talented!


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