19 February 2010


Ryan and I joke frequently about how similar Pearl is to him.
It really amuses us both.
Ryan believes rules don't apply to him.
Which is fine.
But Pearl has the same belief.
She has decided she doesn't want to turn any age that is an odd number.
She doesn't like odd numbers.
I don't blame her.
Who wants to be ODD?
I think they should rename them to eccentric numbers.
But, who am I.
Anyhow, we decided it wouldn't work if she simply skipped the odd numbers every year.
That would just be too confusing.
So we decided she'll stay the same age twice.
She thought that would do.
She thought that would do.

ps thank you for well wishes.
feeling rested.


  1. That is so cute. Those are the things you will remember when she is older. I love her name.

  2. My little sister didn't think it was fair to be the youngest so she and I traded spots for a couple years. I was the youngest and she was the second oldest.

  3. It sounds like Pearl knows what she wants and is strong-willed. Good for her. I love her serious, sometimes even pouty, expressions. She reminds me of me as a child, minus the red hair...which is awesome, by the way! What a sweet, beautiful child.

  4. I am 32 and I still hate odd numbers!! She may or may not outgrow it.

  5. GO PEARL!
    Eccentric numbers has a nice ring to it.


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