24 January 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Isn't she beautiful?  Her birthday is tomorrow for us, but today for her, in Korea. 

She is patient:  She taught us by word and example and allowed us to make mistakes.
She serves:  A mission in Korea, but also visiting teaching, I don't think she ever missed a month.
She is selfless:  Growing up, she would always calm quarrels over the last piece of dessert by giving up her portion to others.
She loves deeply:  You can clearly see her love of the Korean people in her letters "home". 
She is funny:  And why not, when you've got a smile like hers!
She is an MD:  Well, not really, but she did deliver catch my second child in the front seat of our car.
She is Christlike:  I strive to be just a fraction of the mother she is.
She is one of God's angels.
I love you so, mom.


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