08 December 2009

Ever Seen a Yellow and Pink Christmas Tree?

Who does the lights on your Christmas tree?
I do ours because:

a. nobody else (ryan) wants to
b. I have to like to put them on every single twig.

I held back this year.
But, I didn't have to run out to get more lights.....twice.

I'm already dreaming of what we'll do next year.  I did find some really fun black & white wrapping paper this year....


  1. Not only do I not want to--it is known-- I am not as maticulous as Katy. She is careful and loving as she wraps each branch.

    It is a beautiful tree--as it is every year.

    I like the idea of black, white and pink--perhaps a white flocked tree--we have never done flocking. (But we do spray paint most things).

  2. It is absolutely scrumptious.

    I also do the lights by default. I also wrap them around each branch--up--and--back.

    We were thus raised.

  3. Yes indeed, we were raised to wrap those babies up--tight and individually--and to end each tip with a light sticking straight out. The hubbies may not understand but we, as sisters, do!

  4. I do ours, and I really love to light heavily, but I've been stuck with our fake tree for the last five years (finances) and my motivation to light it thickly is low. So it's a little wimpy.
    If I didn't put up the lights there would be none.
    Your tree is gorgeous!
    So you just use the ornaments that fit your color theme for that particular year and keep the rest in storage? Do you have to buy/make a ton each year or is your collection big enough to meet your needs for each color?

  5. what a great and natural looking tree. I love it. wild trees are the best and I am always so happy when I can get my hands on one. this year is my first faux tree barrowed from the neighbor

  6. just beautiful. I wish I could see it in person!

  7. Ginna, I buy ornaments the day after Christmas, but we've got a good stock of a few colors in storage. Depending of finances of that year, I choose a new color for the following year.

  8. katy it is fab! i am so jealous i have never really heard of christmas colours until i enteed the blogging world, my parents have been married 24 years, we use their gold and red decorations every year! i have a few years to go until i get my own tree (probs about 5-10) but i am sure doing the ingenious colours idea!


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