20 November 2009

Single most strange sewing suggestion

I've sewn wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, jeans, play houses, belts, headbands, ornaments, shoes, people skirts, tree skirts, bed skirts, a coffin skirt, a shroud, burial dress, temple dresses, baptism dress, blessing dresses, bird cage cover, doll clothes, stockings, underwear, flags, napkins, ties, hats, jackets, costumes, pillows, table cloths, banners, coats, petticoats, pants, shorts, necklaces, blankets, bags, aprons, and now, a memory game.

But, last night, Pearl requested something I had never even thought to sew.
A poop bag.  
Not for her, goodness, no.  For Blackie.
The last bedtime request, "oh, and can you put something kind of heavy in it?"
Pinto beans.  I'm a genius.  
Judging from the look on his (her?) face, I have a satisfied stallion.


  1. Oh my! That is so funny. My sister used to sew so much for her kids that one of them asked her if God sewed the stars in the sky. I guess he kinda did.

  2. Katy, I concur: you are a genius. :)

    Oh, and Sparklebot: A poop bag is to catch a horse's poop so it doesn't fall onto the street or other undesirable location.


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