27 November 2009

I am tardy

planting my bulbs this year.  Perhaps they'll be a post-new year profusion of a display, but I need my bulbs.  Ordering them online, many are already sold out, so I just went to Home Depot and even used some of the pots it came with--spray painted, of course.  And that little disc of dense sawdust?  Gather the kids around and just add some warm water for instant entertainment.


  1. The look great! We just planted our bulbs too. Your not the only one that is late. :)

  2. I was randomly blog surfing when I found stumbled upon your blog. Your family is so adorable and I love reading your posts. My sister and I were reading about your trip to Asia and we were like, "I bet the grandparents are on a mission or something". Then we saw a picture of them with their name tags. How amazing to give your girls such wonderful experiences at such a tender age. They will no doubt grow up to be very well rounded and artistic like their mother. P.S. I love their names.

  3. You have inspired me to do the same. Blooms are lovely at any time, tardy or not!


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