30 November 2009

Apple Tasting

Olive came home from school one day to declare there were yellow and green apples.  What?  How did my child not know this?  So, I decided something must be done.  My baby dills must be educated on the subject of culinary choice.

Post Thanksgiving, we held our first annual taste testing. Alongside the buxom beauties (the apples!) was served some room temperature triple-cream soft cheese as well as caramel for the (sweeter side of) dipping. 

The Subject(s) of Debate

The panelists

The smelling, the contemplation

The Great Reveal
#1 Fuji--well like by most panelists
#2 Braeburn--too soggy
#3 Cripps Pink--one panelist described it as "almost too crisp"
#4 Red Delicious--one non-writing panelist gave it 9 smiley faces,
and one described it as "a pleasant perfumey taste"
#5 Gala--very good
#6 Golden Delicious--not a favorite, except by one who described it tasting "like a pear" (read: mushy)
#7 Jonagold--got an average of a 5 rating
#8 Granny Smith--too tart, unless immersed (ahem, gammy) in carmel sauce or paired with cheese
#9 Ambrosia--mixed reviews from "bla" to "YUM"

My personal favorite?

this beauty

What's your favorite?

Edit: OKAY, EVERYONE!!! Yes, I have tasted of the goodness of honeycrisp apples, they just didn't happen to have her when I snatched up the apples for a last minute idea at the grocery store, as I stood trying to decide what kind of apples to bring home, tired of always getting the same ol' fuji. She would have had an unfair advantage anyway. As a side note. The checkout clerk will totally love you if you do this.


  1. I am shocked at Olive's declaration - way to nip it in the bud. Royal Gala were always my favorite, but I picked up a bap of Honeycrisps to try the other day - we just might have a replacement.

  2. yummy!
    might i suggest "honey crisp" for next year's event?

  3. Ah. Astorga Crew beat me to my comment!

    My favorite kind of apple was not on your taste test. Honey Crisps are BY FAR the most delicious apple. They are not always available, though. Since they are a "new" genetic mix, they are only available a few months of the year, and sometimes only at specialty stores (though, our regular grocery store is carrying them this year).

    Love the idea though.

  4. My grandfather owns some apple orchards. So I've always grown up eating apples. Until a few months ago I really never knew what my favorite apple was.
    I really like Johnathan's, Wes' favorite is Honey Crisp and Sophie really likes Gala.

  5. Fabulous idea! I love honey crisp--my absolute favorite.

  6. I'm a Pink Lady fan myself. I think the name has a lot to do with it though :)

  7. Katy, wanna be my mom mentor and teach me everything you know? Please!

    MY favorite apple, and I am convinced that anyone who tries it will feel just as passionately about it as I do is- DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


    Ever tried it?

  8. h ahahhahaha
    I just read all the other comments about honeycrisp. ha!

  9. Cripp's Pink isn't one I have munched.
    Why is it your favorite?
    Double ditto to the H.C. comments

  10. Jordan is speechless.

    What a fun mom you are to your 5 little pickles!

  11. I am sad that your Golden Delicious was mushy, as you know I am a fan. You do have to buy them the day they are picked.

  12. my favorite is a Jazz apple. Sweet, crisp and wonderful. If you see them, you have to try one, even if it's $4.99/pound.

  13. I love Braeburns, but i have never had one that was soggy,hmmm, perhaps it was over ripe. Mine are always crisp and almost too firm to bite into, and tartly sweet. I love them.

    My kids favorite apples are Grapples- some modified genetic hybrid that make an apple that tastes like a grape. They come in packs of four in the refrigerated section of the produce dept near the berries and precut veg in my store.

  14. Great idea! I love honey crisp or Fuji, Brabarn is yummy too. I want to do this with my family.


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