19 November 2009

As Promised

My little horned caterpillar--made from knit and stretchy crushed velvet, lined, with batting between to give it that juicy caterpillar look

The last of the Halloween bug-themed costumes available--Azure's wings no longer exist (I painted poster-board which ripped in the excitement of a sugar-loaded bag) and I convinced the bug catcher to don his uniform twice, so I think that was pushing it.

The most lady-like ladybug you'll meet--made from faux fur and stretchy velvet (I know, call me crazy to sew those two together.)


  1. i would DON it for you.
    Anything for you.

  2. Finally! I love 'em. You even got the wings to fly.

  3. So cute...well worth the wait! I love Halloween costumes, especially homemade ones! I can't believe you sewed all those in one night!

  4. love the little buggers.
    clever creations!

  5. Thank you--I love the little bugs!


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