27 October 2009

Korea--Part II

He he he!  It still makes me giddy just looking at photos of Dongdaemuen.  A gargantuan maze of the most spectacular fabrics you'll ever see.  Ever!  My mom and I sent the boys and kids off while we spent the day here, stopping for nothing (is that why we were so hungry and  light headed at dinner?)

As for the money I spent on fabric, what can I say?  It was just all so sparkly!
Thank you menfolk, for entertaining the baby Dills for the day (and a half!)

Every member a missionary. 
Even on horseback.

I've heard of diamonds on your soles, but parakeets on your toes?

Grampa dropping birdseed on Pearl's head

My kids could not get enough of this guy.

Aren't my parents youthful?

Ah.  The 16,(384) strands of honey candy.  Seriously, it was that many.  
We stood there and watched.  More than once.
American tourist suckers.

The Asian cultures seem to take pride in the front appearance of their homes much more than Americans.  Even if their front door was in a tiny, concrete alley, they would have little potted plants to beautify their doorstep.

I liked this restaurant for a few reasons: 
1.  They were the only restaurant that had napkins the entire trip.  (anywhere else you'd get nothing or an equivalent to 1-2 squares of toilet paper.)
2.  It was vegetarian, so I didn't have to worry about eating the entrails of some bizarre creature.
3.  We got to sit on the floor.
4.  They had an entire wall with matchboxes.
5.  We had to wind our way through a back alley to get to it.


  1. I'm so glad you got to go to the fabric market. It takes one's breath away doesn't it? I still have tons of fabric from my stay in Korea that I need to use. There is also a guy who comes on post that sells his fabric once a month and he takes ladies on field trips to his warehouse that is chuck full of fabric for 2.00 a yard (about). Best wishes in Korea. I bet your parents know a lot of my friends who still live there.

    Kelly (Tagg is my last name)

  2. Katy, you make it look almost as fun as it truly was. Come again. We here for 5 more months!

  3. I love seeing our adventure together. We walked home from Hwagok tonight and I thought of all of you!

  4. man, those spicy side-dishes look delectable!
    so jealous of your trip to Han-gook!

  5. I love the matchbox wall. How cool. And, yes, your parents look very youthful--they are way better off than mine.

  6. What an amazing adventure! Your parents look wonderful! I miss them so much. They are so wise and kind! Can't wait to see what you create with all of that beautiful fabric!

  7. That fabric--yummy! I love how the light in your Asia pics is different somehow than your stateside ones to me. I don't know what it is but I can tell you're somewhere else because of the light.

  8. Oh what fun! I dream of going to an Asia fabric district some day.
    Your parents look exactly like I remember them. Such wonderful people you and your family!
    That matchbox wall, how amazing.

  9. I loved the photos with the girls surrounded by parakeets. Too cute! And the one with Olive is ...... words can't describe. The camera loves her. All your girls are such a delight and shining stars! They joy and happiness comes through in the photos.


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