26 October 2009

Korea--Part I

So happy to be in Korea with Gromma & Grompa!

Incheon Airpot--the most beautiful airport you'll ever see

Going to Gromma & Grompa's apartment

Such a welcome meal--beet ravioli and Elder K's famous chocolate chip cookies
(they confiscated the walnuts we brought at the airport-so sad)

Watching The Restoration, clutching grompa's handstitched dog puppet

Inspecting the local cuisine

This is how I write my name

Introducing progeny at the children's English class

Pearl participating in English class

A new friend made


  1. Thanks for the M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S !
    So fun!

  2. wow--what a fantastic trip for you and (some) of your girls! my boys would love an adventure like that.

  3. That chapel brings back memories. Cramped quarters for sure. Is that the one next to the temple?

  4. What a treat to see these! It makes me grateful for what mom and dad are doing. I looks like you had a blast!

  5. Thanks for posting this! Let me tell you, that new Inchon airport was a much needed change for S. Korea. The old Kimpo airport made you feel like you were entering a third world country. Loved seeing the English class and the primary song sheet music. This brings back lots of wonderful memories.

  6. such lovely culture to share with your girls!

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