01 October 2009

Giveaway Winner and...

it makes me feel like this:

not to be able to choose every single one of you! It did my heart good to read about what you've been inspired to do! Creating is nourishing for the soul and mind, isn't it? Whether it's with paints, plaster, pastry, poetry, or pansies, I believe creating something from the heart and mind is hallowed. Thank you for your kind [complimentary, encouraging, and bountiful!] words, and for indulging me and my sewing compulsion. Of course my sewing projects will continue, though certainly not as rigorous in frequency, as I have things to paint, arrange, photograph, and bake that have been neglected.
And, yes, I know I could do this with an online random number generator service, but I think plucking a number out of a bright bowl by a cute little hand is much more fun.
I knew you'd agree.
The winner is comment #21, Melissa, who is making M & M costumes for her 3 little boys!
(please email me, Melissa, as your link has no information--thank you!)


  1. Darn--it looks like I missed your give away! What a darling purse! Maybe I will just have to try and make one!

  2. i DO love those little hands so much better!

  3. AAAAAHHHHH! I am sooo excited! I have never won anything cool in my life and this is beyond cool! Thanks! I couldn't find your email address, so here's mine and then I'll give you my address.
    melissa.halliday@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. I can't believe I was on vacation for this give away. Dang.


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