25 September 2009

Sewing Project 12--Sewing Soiree

It wouldn't be a Katy Soiree
without a beverage buffet (pronounced boo-fay)

Met new friends--come back and visit!

Projects going on in all parts of the house--skirts stitched,
zippers replaced, dresses cut out, skills soaked up.

This photo is for the husbands--yes, we actually did some sewing.

Plethora of petite babes to snuggle while stitching

And you'll all be sad you didn't come. We had coconut-avocado ice cream topped with Trader Joe's almond thins and slight dusting of cloves. I know. You'll come next time, won't you?

I pulled out my skinny Korean tape to diagram how to thread Nicol's sewing machine, writing numbers and drawing arrows (so she can learn, remember, and sew some pretty fun Christmas gifts!) Also used in Marianne's zipper replacement as a guide to sew the zipper.

And the famous Nienie tree lights--a soft sendoff to the satiated seamstresses to slip into slumber...sigh.


  1. drinks & mums & tree lights & friends &...COCONUT-AVOCADO ICE CREAM!

    why don't i live in Florida?

  2. Oh fun, Katy! I bet everyone loved it! Love the watermelon in the drink.

  3. sew fun. your treats looked delectable

  4. Thanks for the night! Look forward to more so I can actually finish and take off on my own.

  5. Wish I could have come! Did you make that ice cream, or is it store-bought? I want the recipe!

  6. Carly! Homemade! I just added a link & post for the recipe. Let me know what you think of it!

    Mom, it's just water, and it gives it just a hint of watermelon taste. We experienced it at the Umstead Hotel and fell in love.

  7. everything looked fantastic, and soo much fun! how i wish i could have come!

  8. Ooo, thanks Katy. I can't wait to try it.

  9. Looks like you had a blast! Wish I could have come.

  10. Katy,
    What a great hostess and teacher you are! Thanks for sharing your time, talents and home with us; I can't wait to come back-- hopefully with a finished dress but maybe with another question. :D I went home and cut the rest out while watching Project Runway.
    P. S. Have you seen that pocket pattern around your place?

  11. It looks like super fun. I, too, am wondering why I don't live in Florida. None of my friends in DC sew at all. I once tried to have a "crafting" party--but no one was interested.

    Le sigh.

  12. Oh how I wish I lived near you
    Where did you get that wonderful long sewing table?

  13. I think this is my fave project yet (: I do love a good soiree! So festive. Love the Nie lights.

  14. THanks again Katy, it was so fun!! I am still dreaming about the ice cream....yummy, yummy!!

  15. oh how I wish I could've come! Looks like such fun.

  16. Just came across your blog today and can't stop reading..love it!
    What a terrific idea....wish I lived closer :)


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