24 September 2009

I got a call from Pearl's teacher. Don't you hate those? It is never good news. Never. She said Pearl was crying, that she missed me. Not sick. No fever. She just missed her mom. So what did I do? What could I do? I picked the little Dills up early and we got shakes, ice cream, and really hot french fries. Hot french fries make everything better.

Don't you think Olive has the right idea? Use a spoon and a straw at the same time to enjoy the shake more {quickly}.


  1. Sometimes you just miss your mom. What a fun after school treat together.

  2. that was the only decent action to take.

    i was disruptive in church one time (only that once, of course) and my stepdad had to take me out. not only did he have to take me out, but he felt the need to take me all the way home too. he was THAT angry. i expected the worst when i got home and instead got a bowl of ice cream.

    as i mom i recognize that he must have struggled and struggled with a bunch of issues ranging from temper control to questions of justice and lessons and examples and whatnot...

    good man.

  3. This very thing happened to Triston a few weeks ago. I called Travis and picked up a pizza to all eat together for lunch at Travis' office. However, when I got to the school...Triston bee-bopped into the office and said in a perky voice, "Thanks Mom! But, I'm fine now. I'm going back to class!" I didn't even get the chance to tell him about lunch--but I was happy he was feeling better, so I let it go--and ate his slice of pizza!

  4. Aw. It must be wonderful to have so much love directed at you.

  5. I miss you, too. Sometimes I cry. Oh, hot french fries, the best thing in the world!

  6. hope Divine and Pearl are both feeling better.
    I like Olives two-handed eating trick.


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