05 August 2009

When the Husband is gone

I sharpen the knives.


a.   He hates the sound of the blade rubbing against the sharpener.

b.   It's one of my culinary pet peeves to have dull knives in the kitchen.

c.   I just like to look at my pretty knives all lined up, knowing I could effortlessly slice a tomato.

I get to enjoy these, though, until I join him
(another A. Thalman photo displayed)


  1. Ooo, I would love to cut a tomato with those too!

    I love you picturesque picture.

  2. Those are beautiful. I want a drawer like that JUST for knives. I love the decending or ascending roses.

  3. I hope you never see my knife/silverware/whatever else gets thrown in there drawer. That is a beautiful sight. And the picture of Clover below--fantastic. Those eyes!


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