06 August 2009

Stripes, Polka-dots, and Cleaning

Please excuse the exposed diaper

I was scrubbing the toilet when the sentiments of my mother-in-law came to my mind.  She says she might have a perfectly clean house, but she doesn't have the joy of little dirty feet running across the just-mopped-for-the-hundred-and-fitty-onth (the highest number Olive can conjure in her 4-year-old mind) time today or seeing wet, chubby faces smooshed up against the just de-smudged french door.  Is it possible to see that far down the road, when what I clean will stay that way for more than 18 seconds?  To enjoy this chaos called my life?  Some days yes.  Some days no.  
But, today, yes.


  1. It's amazing the good thoughts that can come at random times (scrubbing toilets)--I think your thought today was from the Spirit.

  2. Ann is right. A reminder of what is important. I wish I had had more of those thoughts. And those beauties.
    That pictures melts my heart.


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