27 July 2009

And the winner is.....

PAC-MAN con Hama Beads by El Gran Heroe Americano
Ashley Baker and her nicklecade/gelato idea!
Ryan and I each came up with a short list of our favorites and compared them.
We had Ashley's recommendation in common!
Did you know I'm quite a wiz at the old school arcade games?
We loved all the suggestions, though.
Thank you for playing and the thought you put into them.
I have a feeling the Dill's dates are going to be quite exciting for a while to come.


  1. You go girl! (We saw a combo Galaga/Ms Pac Man arcade game tonight!)

  2. YIPPEEEEE! I'm going to have to buy a new oufit to match the bracelet, darn it!

  3. Ashley, that's a fun thing!

  4. Ashley, I've seen the actual thing. It's truly wonderful!

  5. See Ashley? That's why I couldn't enter the contest. I already knew your nicklecade idea was the best. You'll just have to let me borrow the bracelet since I live so close, right?

  6. I always was too gullible.


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