06 April 2009

we've been filled

a weekend packed full of:

gammy squeezes.  

pant cuffs of sand.
homemade brioche sticky buns 
of buttery layers and pecans. 
fence posts of little dills. 
handbag of a baby dill. 
between sessions of walks 
and crispy baked asparagus.

more nourishing words.


  1. Hazel has Azure's dress, too!! Fun to see pictures of your weekend!

  2. almost feel like i was there. totally wish i had been!

  3. You can wear cool Jackie-O glasses even with your fine features--now it's my turn to be jealous. They make me look like a bee.

  4. I especially love the handbag of baby. Very chic!

  5. such cute photos. darling li'l girls you have, i love seeing these happy faces. i had to tell you, CONGRATS.. you've won my mini diary giveaway.

    email me your info and i'll ship it to you shortly.

  6. Excellent photos! What a darling family. I love crispy asparagus!

  7. Where is that outdoor market? Looks like a great weekend!

  8. It was JAX beach, there was a jazz festival and market going on last weekend.

  9. Katy,
    As always, your blog is full of beautiful wisdom and thought provoking moments. Thank you for that.

    I was wondering...would you mind if I used your picture of your little one in the purse for our blog this week? Its about finding certain things in your purse... :) Is that too weird? Me using your sweet children in my blog?

    No worries if it is.... I would totally understand! Love, Melanie

  10. The girls are just as adorable as ever, except bigger! Tell them to stop growing! :)


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