03 April 2009

How To:

Placemat Bag

I made this pattern up last year and recently sewed up another two for my kids' scriptures.
Here's a brief and easy how-to.

1 quilted placemat
about 59" twill tape {depending on the size of your placemat}
about 60" ribbon no wider than your twill

Edge Stitch the ribbon on the twill tape on both sides.
 {It will hang off the twill tape on one end an inch.}

If you have one of these Edger feet, they make the stitching super easy and even.

Fold the ribbon/twill tape in half to find the center and place it on the center of your placemat. 
Pin it in place.

The edges of the twill tape meet, but fold under the extra ribbon 1/2" and overlap it onto other end of ribbon. 

Before stitching each side of the twill tape, fold your placemat in half, wrong sides together and make sure your handles line up, and are of equal length where they hang over the placemat.

Readjust if necessary *{this is when you need to decide how long you want your handles--you may need to cut the twill tape/ribbon to get it just right--but, make sure to cut the end where the ribbon and twill are even} and stitch, making sure you backstitch twice at the top of the placemat where the handles will get the most pull and resistance.  

Stitch on both sides of ribbon/twill tape.
Also, stitch across where you folded the ribbon under.
I know, never end a sentence with a preposition, but I couldn't think how to word it any better!

Fold placemat, right sides together, and fold bottom of bag in, creating a "W", about 2".
*{the smaller you make the "W", the smaller the base of your bag will be}

Repeat on other side.

Stitch sides, parallel with ribbon, even if it doesn't follow the edge of the placemat.

Trim excess.  
Zig-zag stitch if you want, but using a placemat that's already embroidered, it really won't unravel.


You could also embellish your bag with embroidery thread, 
ribbon, or even felting a design or initials.  
Or, go ahead and add some glitter and sequins.  
Just kidding.  Don't do that. 


  1. You crack me up. Cute bags.

  2. that is really cool!
    now if i could just learn to use my sewing machine....
    can i just glue it???

  3. Some English nerds consider "never end a sentence with a preposition" an old-fashioned rule that had its base in Latin grammar and thus one that has less relevance. So don't fret, you're writing in proper MODERN English!

    p.s. those bags look cute lined up together

  4. love it!
    (said in the voice of the dragontails two headed monster)

  5. Perfect scripture bags! You ARE amazing.

  6. you should publish a how-to book.

  7. super cute. and very helpful, except for those of us who can't sew.
    but hey, thanks anyway.

    and to marti, i'll glue one if you do.

  8. What a marvelous idea! how do you come up with them?

  9. Katy, awesome idea! In your face Vera Bradley! j/k.

  10. WOW, what a cute idea. Did you come up with it all on your own. I recall...

  11. Chris, yes, you are right! This WAS inspired by your bag! You just left it up to me to recreate and buy all of the placemats (and twill tape!) in the whole city of Jacksonville! :)

  12. I thought I was the creator of the place mat bags several years ago. Soon after making several of them, I discovered they were all over the internet. The brown is a cute one though!

  13. Love this bag! Can't wait to have TIME to try it! I keep seeing all these really pretty place mats, but I don't use them on a table, so it feels kinda wasteful to buy them just because! Now I have an excuse! YAY!


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