22 April 2009

Riding a Hundred on Amelia Island

No, not me,
nor them.
This man just hops on his bike, without training, and rides 100 miles.  Not kilometers, MILES.  He did confess of jello-like legs post ride, but many of us experience that daily.
While he rode, the rest of us played in the water,

....and dressed up like pirates (it is the folklore of Amelia Island.)


  1. I love how your girls' personalities just ooze out of them. So cute!

  2. olive looks like your mama, katy. well done, ryan.

  3. Wow, that is impressive! And it's been awhile, but I love your counters!

  4. Now, the real test - come workout with us on Wednesday, Ryan:)

  5. Ryan, you're so strong. Has your island-hopping fun come to an end? You could come up here and we'll pretend we're on an island.

  6. Korea is almost an island!
    And the bikers here wear really cool bike outfits.
    Good job, Ryan!

  7. Whoopee for Ryan! You are amazing and have the most beautiful children!

  8. YAY for Ryan!! I love the pic of your girls in their colorful swimsuits, they are all so beautiful. It kind of makes me want a little girl...but not anytime too soon, and maybe just one at a time!

  9. You take such wonderful pictures, I love them!
    Ryan, you are incredible, I couldn't get through mile 1 without having that jello feeling!

  10. Hi...

    This is Emily Mullins. I dont know if you remember me, Katy. We met at a dinner party many many years ago that you and Ryan had at a house in Provo. I am an old friend of Ryan's from High School. I was so surprised recently to have found out your family lives in Florida. I also live here! We've been here for six years. It would be interesting to find out how close we are. I am in Central Florida. I would love to get caught up with you and Ryan. If you would like to email me, maybe we can chat that way.
    here it is:
    Beautiful little girls! I'm very impressed with all you've done!

    Emily Mullins


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