27 April 2009

Ben, baby birthday boy

Ben holding Olive '04

Happy Birthday to my baby brother, Ben!  {He's the one in the THICK stripes.}  You can't not {yes, I used a double negative} like Ben.  He's one of the most pleasant people to be around, with his great smile that he tries to hide.  He's a mighty cook, crawling on the counters to smell the spices he wanted before he knew the "correct" ones to use.  He's getting his degree in architectural landscape.  How cool is that.  Wishing we were closer to enjoy your dry sense of humor, Ben.  Have a wonderful birthday!  We love you!


  1. Loved the retro photo with all the striped attire.

  2. Katy did you request strips for your birthday? Ben is so tiny!

  3. By the way, I loved that carpet.


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