05 March 2009

Thank You For Being Patient

stark white linen
bold geometric parade down the center
covered button to compliment

Yes, it will be worth the wait.
Tuesday, March 10th will be the opening of my ETSY shop:

My hands simply cannot keep up with everything
my mind wants them to produce.
(that, and I've got 6 someones that seem to need me as well.)


  1. Beautiful. We are anxiously awaiting your debut.

  2. PRESH! Will it come in a little girls size 5? Oh I hope so!


  3. yea! I can't wait! I was ready to go to Etsy to look you up, then realized it wasn't the 10th yet. I'm also happy to have a baby girl to soon be in a Dill original.

  4. So cute! I can't wait to order one.

  5. That is gorgeous. I'll be interested to see what other novelties are in your shop come Tuesday. :-)

  6. That inspires me to get back to sewing. You have amazing talent.

  7. I anxiously await your store and understand your predicament of needing more hands or more time or more of both. I have stacks of projects lining up waiting to be started or finished. Good Luck!

  8. Wow Katy, You are truly inspiring! Is the orange pattern hand embroidered? You are my hero, I wish I had your skills! All your creations are stunning!

    -Michelle Salomons

  9. On the edge of my seat until the 10th........

  10. Uh, I LOVE that dress! I'll have to alert the right blogs--Design Mom, Ohbeedoh to your new shop!


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