06 March 2009

I got a call last week from Olive's preschool teacher. 

Mrs. R:  Mrs. Dill, this is Mrs. R., Olive's teacher.

Me:  Yes?

Oh, dear, has she had an accident, did she throw a wrapper at the boy who threw it at her first, again, is she sick?

Mrs. R:  We are making family portraits today and Olive tells me she has one more sister.  She has 4 sisters, right?

Me:  Yes, 4 sisters.

Mrs. R:  That's what I thought, but she keeps telling me there's another one.

Me:  No, she just has 4 sisters.

Mrs. R:  Okay, so there's Divine, Azure, and Clover's the baby?

Me:  Yes, and there's one more.

Mrs. R:  I thought there were only 4.  

Me:  Yes, Olive has 4 sisters, so there are 5 total

Why is this so difficult to understand?

Mrs. R:  Does she live with you?

Me:  Yes.  Her name is Pearl.

Mrs. R:  Oh, yes, she was saying something about Pull.

So my child can't say her r's very well!  That doesn't mean you should try to convince her that one of her sisters doesn't really exist!

Me:  Yes, Pearl is her sister, also.

Mrs. R:  Oh.  Okay.  Well, now we can do her family portrait.


*As a side note, we really do love Olive's teacher.  She sounds like Rosie O'Donnell, and to be fair, she's just had Olive for a month now.


  1. That is too cute. I can just imagine Olive being so persistent. When that girl is right, she is right.

  2. LOVE the portrait!
    Glad Pull wasn"t pushed out.

  3. I love the big ears.

    Poor Olive, of course she knows how many sisters she has!

  4. OK. You REALLY like this teacher? I am just wondering.

  5. Good thing you are so patient. I would have loved to hear Mrs. R's comments after she hung up the phone:)

  6. ok, so I know this is a VERY old post, and not sure if you will even get this..but had to share- when I was in grade 3 and we were learning cursive writing, everyone had to write their full names out on the board... and when I got to my middle name (Marsh) my teacher argued with me that it must be Marsha, it couldn't be Marsh... Marsh isn't a name.. I argued (loudly) that it was a name, my name. Then she went and found my two older sisters (I have four also) and asked them, they agreed with me that Marsh is indeed my middle name. Still not convinced, my teacher then sent a note home with me, to verify with my mother! (thought you'd enjoy this!)


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