20 March 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox to grompa!
He couldn't have chosen to be born on a more perfect day, with his green thumb and all.
He always went early to church to take an arrangement.
When we go home to visit, there are always bedside flowers.

When he comes to visit us, he does things like create an island of beauty, or my box garden, or take the kids to the dollar store so many times, the clerks there know our kids.
One of the traits I love most about my dad is when he does something, he does it with all his energy.  
Nothing lukewarm about this guy.  
Those Koreans are lucky.  Or blessed, rather.
Love you, dad.


  1. Thank you Katy for the "nice things" said, and thank you AZURE for the singing movie. It made my day!
    Love you lots!
    Dad, Grompa

  2. Gwampa. I love when she says that. So cute for the birthday boy!


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