19 March 2009

Fear Not

Have you read Alma 34 lately?  When we were younger and complained to my parents about some trivial matter, like, who got the most ice cream in their rootbeer float, or who got to sit where in our old 9-seater Suburban, my dad would often quip, "Life is hard, then you die."  Certainly not the most cheerful thing to point out, but direct and true.  Now, it brings a smile to my face as I understand more of what he knew we would be facing beyond not having our fill of ice cream.

I'm glad he didn't tell me it only gets harder when you have your own offspring.  You "know" the world a bit better and the darkness out there.  I have 5 small daughters, and if I allow myself, I fear for them.  I fear what lurks to snatch their purity and naivete when I am not there to hover and protect.  How do I keep them from knowing too much too soon?  It scares me.  If I let it.  It can be paralyzing.  But we are commanded "to look unto [Him] in every thought, doubt not, fear not." 

As Divine approaches the age of accountability, I see my role as a mother more clearly. It has always been teach by example, but it turns from giving commands to creating boundaries and allowing more freedom to choose.  Teach her righteous principles and let her govern herself (right, dad?).  Of course not all at once!  But I take great comfort in the fact that I can cry unto Him and He will comfort me, guide me.  When I feel like I have no idea what I am doing (more often than not), I can cry unto Him.  You and I, we, can cry unto Him at any moment life seems hard.  Which is often.  From the mud on the carpet to the pain of seeing your child rejected by another, to losing a loved one.  He knows our pain, every minutiae.  He knows our weaknesses.  He wants us to come to Him to make those weaknesses our strengths.  He wants us to be humble and recognize we cannot do it without Him(!). We are here on earth to prepare to meet our Maker.  Our God.  Let us do it with His help. 

If it's been a while, read Alma 34.  It's a balm for the soul (and mother).  


  1. Beautiful Katy and fun photo.

    I too, wonder what the world will be like for MD. Right now I am her world and can keep it safe. Best to "turn to Him in every thought--doubt not fear not."

  2. Thanks for the reminder Katy. I am going to go read it right now. Have a fearless day!!!

  3. I have read it.
    This is what I thought about: We are preparing for eternity. The world can be a huge distraction if we allow it. I think about many of the recent admonitions to make our homes a sanctuary. We will not invite the fear into our home. And I am not inviting distractions into the home sanctuary either.

    Lets invite all and anyone that is praiseworthy and of good report.

    I hope our kids will always feel our home to be that place where the peace pushes out fears.

    It is a place were laughter and good clean fun overtakes the latest technological distraction. It is a home where bright colors, designs, and music pleases the soul.

    You make a great home Katy.

    The Dill Sanctuary --no fear here.


  4. Thanks for this thoughtful post and the encouragement to read Alma 34. When I had A&S and was devastated to leave the hospital without them, my sister in law said that when you have your children, you lose your heart to them. It's true but we too have loving parents who ache for us and want to succor us--both earthly and heavenly.

  5. Alma 34 is one of my all time favorite chapters of scripture.

    I completely agree with you about "creating boundaries and allowing more freedom [for our children] to choose. Teach [them] righteous principles and let [them] govern [themselves]." Obviously this has to be done with wisdom and reason and discretion. The key, I think, in teaching children about the "freedom too choose," is in teaching them the principle of accountability. Choice and accountability go hand in hand, and consequences cannot be separated from our actions.

    I too, am sometimes fearful about what can happen to my children and of what the world is becoming. I find peace in prayer, hope in Christ, and in the personal exercise of preparation and caution. I am very cautious as a person, and especially as a mother, because I think caution goes a long way toward prevention.

  6. I admire you so much as a mother and loved reading this. Thank you.

  7. What a blessing to not fear. As we talk to many Koreans they are fearful, so fearful. It always surprises me because the gospel blesses you to understand the big picture. Thank you for the reminder. You and Ryan are creating that for your children.

  8. I can't think of two better parents to nurture and train and protect those 5 beautiful girls.
    Russell M. Ballard said the following at a funeral:
    "Life isn't over for a latter-day Saint until he or she is safely dead, with their testimony still burning brightly."
    So life is hard, and then you die. But I might add, life is also fun, happy, joyous, and worth it all, and then you die, but get to live forever after.

  9. Katy and Ryan,

    You two are inspiring. Your girls are beautiful. Your life is a testimony to all that is right and good.

    Love you guys.


  10. Katy, Katy! I love you so very much. Your home is MY sanctuary. I love you and Ryan and my granddaughters. I love you for reminding us of our journey. Thank you both for protecting, nourshing and cherishing my granddaughters. I love you SO VERY MUCH!


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