12 March 2009

As Martha Says

One ought to share good things, right?  
I'm not usually the savvy sleuth for bargains, but every once in a while....

These are Madden Girl shoes, found online for $50.
I had some credit at Burlington Coat factory, so I went and began browsing the women's shoe aisles, thinking to myself, why am I even looking?  I won't find anything I like, or if I do, they won't have my size, and I don't even really like this store, it's always such a mess, and I feel SO lonely, and there's never anyone around to have questions answered and it kind of smells weird, and... 
I found these for $15!!!  You can't pass up a price coupled with the cuteness factor like that.  
It would be wrong.


  1. Yes, it would be so wrong. those are darling shoes.

  2. I love those shoes! And I love a good bargain.

  3. I love your thoughts while shopping there, that's totally how I always feel at places like that. Those shoes are adorable!!

  4. burlington coat factory, ross, marshalls, and TJ maxx all make me weak in the knees. i get giddy over a good bargain and can stand a LOT of mess and bad quality to find a gem or three or ten. sometimes I even want to buy really bad, ugly stuff just because it's cheap. that last thing's not something to be proud of, but finding a good deal is FUN, RIGHT?

  5. Your shoes beat my bargain shoes by $7. Nice.

  6. And now you'll feel so good AND cute every time you where them.


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