08 February 2009

What would you buy?

Pearl came into my room this morning as I was getting ready for church 
to share her thoughts, which I love that she does:

I wish we could buy a horse.  But I know why we can't.  They cost lots of money and we would also have to buy a barn, and we have lots of kids to take care of.

Let's dream big and perhaps one day, Per-per (she likes it when I call her this), we can.


  1. Gramma K is still dreaming of her own horse. All she has is an old goat to play with.

  2. Yes, if I had $100 I would buy a horse--let's do it Pearl!

  3. my parents used to tell us that they chose to have children instead of nice things when we would wonder aloud how come we didn't have better stuff.
    a horse is a wonderful thing to want.
    i liked your house tour grace a sister jordan. i would have liked to have seen the girls' rooms too. am looking for better ways to feature toys.


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