09 February 2009

The Easy One

Divine wants her hair done in a way I have never done it before.  What, like a mohawk?  I wonder.  She wants tomatoes with salt and a piece of bread with orange syrup for breakfast.

Pearl has to wear her long sleeve shirt that she wears everyday (which makes it tricky as far as cleanliness goes), her same school sweatshirt, and tights plus socks.  But never her coat.  Never.  She wants a peanut butter and jam sandwich for breakfast.

Olive manages to find something she wants to wear that actually matches.  Even her socks.  And her shoes.  Amazing.  She just wants oats.  Easy enough.

Azure doesn't want to change out of her "snuggie jammies".  Until she gets them all wet in the water and they're not so snuggie.

Just a bottle for Cloves.  So simple.  My easy one.

How do we weave all the opinions to hold happiness for this brood?

Another morning conquered.  With relatively few tears.  And relatively decent nutrition.


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