19 February 2009

Lucky Numbers Choker
doesn't this have my name written all over it?
yes, you'll want to click to get a closer looksie--it's neat.
propitious, indeed!


  1. Is it because you are the 4th child?
    Or is it because you have 7 in your family? Or is it because 1-7 add up to the number of letters in your name?
    Tell me, Katy, why does it have your name written all over it? Or is it just an idiom meaning that you really like it, and want it and need it?
    Tell me why!?

  2. Wow, dad, you thought of all sorts of reasons I need it. I was just thinking it was because I've got 7 people in my family!...and because it's just neat.

  3. You're funny dad. You should get it Katy except for the fact that it is ridiculously priced! Knowing you, you could make one even cuter.

  4. Katy,
    Just coming out of hiding to say how inspiring I find your blog! I really enjoy reading it. Love your taste in everything, and wish you lived close by so you could advise me on the many puzzles I am facing re: home keeping, gardening, and raising girls. Keep up the good blogs.

  5. Carly, glad you delurked to say hello! I've always enjoyed your writing. As for the above, I just experiment, ongoing experiments. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. I'm with Ann, you could make one even cuter.


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