20 February 2009

Memo: Colors of the day...

Have I taught them well, or what!  I only dressed Clover.  
Everyone else color coordinated on their own!
Oh man, I am a proud mother.

We'll work on the hair next.


  1. You deserve to be a proud mother...not just for color coordination, but just the fact that they were all dressed, right?

    Thank you for my lovely granddaughters and their sweetness, kisses, humor, quarrels, hair-dos, sticky fingers, etc. etc.

    Blessings too many to name.

  2. That's definitely something to be proud of. I will feel even more accomplished as a mother if I can teach my boys to do that!

  3. So cute! Did they really plan that? Clover has your amazing eyes!

  4. don't work on azure's hair. i LOVE it! side ponytails are excellent in every way.

  5. Darling. Enjoy this while they still want to dress like each other and will pose for a picture, too:)

  6. That is the measure of a good mother. Well done!

  7. Yeah, but I LOVE their hair just the way it is.


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