04 February 2009

There's this pounding in my head

I teasingly said to Azure, referring to the mess of shingles around the yard, "Azure!  Did you make that mess out there?"
She confessed that she did.

You might think I should see a doctor about it.
See below.
Thus the pounding.
When David and Jared agreed to put a new roof over our heads
I don't think they knew they'd be doing it in near freezing temperatures.
It gets that cold in Florida.
Thanks fellas.
The indoor project is awfully appealing, now, eh?


  1. I love Azure.

    Good luck with the home makeovers.

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! Did no one tell you to leave the country while you are being re-roofed?!
    Best of luck. Actually, the French say it better:

  3. PS. Are you seedlings surviving the cold or is it not THAT cold?

  4. Is that a Texas star I see above your garage? What are you saying:)

  5. Katy,
    I've been meaning to comment since I saw the pictures of your house on Jordan's blog. You are awesome. I love what you've done to your house! It is so fun to see the outside now too!

  6. Is Azure the absolutely sweet child on the whole entire earth?

  7. Heather--that is a TX star! I told Ryan before we moved, above all else, I wanted to get a BIG texas star. While the movers were packing, we went downtown and got one. (I was wanting an even bigger one, but that was the best we could do on a time crunch.) We love Texas!


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