05 February 2009


last week's peek at the seedlings, who have survived the florida frigidity
(both the seedlings and the peekers)

Once I've picked up Divine and Pearl from school, Olive begins to ask if we can start making dinner.  The moment I begin to walk into the kitchen, Olive races in front of me, snatches a chair, slides it over against the cupboards all the while walking on her tiptoes.  Even before I have the food out, she's up on the chair, hands washed, ready to help.  
Always ready to help.  
She cuts olives with a butter knife. 
She stirs the sauteing onions.  
She pours the sugar in the mixing bowl.  
She grates the cheese.
She whisks the pancake batter.
She sets the table with forks and napkins.

I couldn't ask for a more helpful helper.
And she looks cute while she does it.


  1. I am completely sure about a few things. One of them is that you have the cutest daughters in the whole world! I think Olive and I would get along. I want that outfit!

  2. i found your blog via jordan.....love your house pics...would love to see more, especially the girl's bedrooms, i bet they are super cute!!
    anyway, your girls are precious
    thanks for letting us share your life

  3. Glad you and the seedlings survived!
    Love Olive's pink boots and fluffy

  4. I bought the perfect Olive bag here. Will save it for her! M

  5. Tell Olive I would LOVE to have her come and help me make dinner anytime!

  6. you've got to ask Olive if I can borrow that dress. Can you imagine if we all got to wear things like that?


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