23 January 2009

Singin' Etsy bitsy spider

And the winner is:  GINNA!

From your kind responses 
(yes, I had quite the ego boost, thank you all very much)
there are plans in the near future for an Etsy shop.  
Jordan and I are concocting some fun things!

Also, some of you noticed my fancy shmancy header.
That would be the talents of this lovely lady.
She has major html skills--check her out!


  1. lucky Ginna! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR SHOP!

  2. Yipee! Thanks so much.
    And I'm looking forward to the shop too-I'm guessing it'll be awesome!

  3. finally! An Etsy shop. Hurry and get some items on there. I will do anything and everything to promote you!

  4. Congrats to Ginna. I have to admit I had hoped I'd get the flat bottom. Next time I'll be one of the first to enter.

  5. Yahhh for Ginna.
    Can't wait to see your shop and shop in your shop!

    I have been toying with the Etsy shop idea myself. Will you let me know how it goes when you get it up and running - I am not so computer smart and get really intimidated when I look into it.


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