24 January 2009

One nice thing...plus a few

Happy Birthday MOM!
Isn't she beautiful?  
and she had 6 kids
(I'm especially sensitive to how that can wear one down--minus one)
She creates
art, food, friends, goodness
She is stylish
She brims (or rather overflows) with good advice
But she doesn't force it
She teaches by example
She is sensitive
She's the best visiting teacher one could ever have
She is strong
She is meek
She is humble
She is wise
She sings beautiful alto
She plays the piano
She weaves
baskets and words
She reads her scriptures every day
She serves constantly
I love her
and hope to be close to the mother she is


  1. I love this woman, also, and am a much better person from being her friend and mother-in-law to a woman just like her.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. I am the most blessed man in the world!

  3. I love you, Katy. Thank you for the kind words!

  4. She teaches by example incredibly well. Not only to her children, but to all those that meet her.


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