14 November 2008

School days

"Does Pearl ever smile for photos?"  I am often asked.  So, when I pulled Pearl's school photo proof out of her backpack, I laughed out loud.  It was just so Pearl.  Could you have at least moved the hair out of your face, so we could see your entire poker face?  I love it.  Then we got out Ryan's photo album to compare...they look like twins!  Right down to the straight eyebrows with a slight upturn on the ends, they are father and daughter.  And, if Pearl was smiling, it looks just like Ryan's (as well as her ears).
While we were at it, I got out Divine's Kindergarten photo.  Such sober children.


  1. Wow. Pearl is so her dad! And love the Star Wars tee.

    Btw, do you guys live in Jacksonville? I saw the running shirts said Mandarin and my parents just starting serving in Jacksonville mission in a Mandarin ward (can't recall which one).

  2. We want a K photo of you now, Katy!!

  3. love pearl's expression. she would do well to get married in korea. an old superstition says that smiling in wedding pictures is bad luck (i can't remember the story or reason behind it), so lots, not all but lots, of people's wedding albums are very grim looking indeed.

  4. Hilarious! I can't believe how similar they look. They could be twins indeed!

  5. Hey, Liz,
    I just spoke with your parents tonight at our Stake Conference! They aren't in our ward, but they are in our stake. It was fun to chat with them. Congrats on the expecting!


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