12 December 2007

Fashion Show

On the runway now, we have the lovely Katy modeling a genuine vintage 70s(?) gown, generously embroidered with ladybugs, and formerly worn by the lovely Rebecca. Though this gown will not stay in its current state, it will soon have a new life, donned by one of the little pickles as perhaps a light summer dress.


  1. A pickle would be so lucky to have a turn at this frock. I wish I could see Rebecca in it!

    Can I see your coat, too?

  2. Well, I can't tell you what memories this picture brings. Can you believe I wore that to church? Fae gave me the material when Kurt was on his mission and I had it made into this dress. I loved it!

  3. Loved seeing you in the dress and your Christmas decor in the background. Very nice!

  4. Rebecca--I will post photos of my grandma Andrew's coat for you. I was able to wear it one evening and then it got too warm. I'd love to see your grandma's coat. I'm always looking for inspiration!


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