03 November 2007

To Ashley (also lovingly known as Shlee)

Jordan, Me, Ashley enjoying a rare Albuquerque snowstorm

Ashley, Pearl, Divine in Dallas

Pearl, Ashley, and Divine enjoying the good book in Trophy Club

Probably the easiest birthday for me to remember, for some reason, is Ashley's. Well, today's the day! How I wish we were closer to her, for, as you can see, the kids love her and we are quite partial to my oldest sister. Jordan said on her blog how Ashley's feathers never get ruffled. I found myself thinking of her wedding dress, which, in fact, was covered with feathers. It's true, though. She is expecting her first and what wonderful parents she and Brian will be. Two of the most calm and patient people I know. Thank you for all the nurturing you've given on my behalf (see her keeping me warm above) and on behalf of my littles. I love you Shlee.


  1. Hooray for Ashley! She has always been great with children so I a excited to see her with her own!

  2. Thanks Katy for all the nice things you've said, you and your family will be missed around the Sunday dinner table tonight! Love ya!

  3. I love Pearl's little paw resting on Ashley's head. So sweet.

  4. That's when Ashley came to Texas for me to make her wedding dress--her genuine happiness to have Ashley there.


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