07 November 2007

Now I Know

Pearl accompanied me to get the mail. We made it an outing and brought a blanket for the grass, dark m&ms for our mouth, and ice water for our thirst. After looking over the day's delivery, I reclined with a big sigh. The following conversation ensued:

Pearl: Are you SO exhausted?

Me: Very.

Pearl: How come?

Me: It's hard to be a mom.

Pearl: It's hard to make your kids happy?

Me: Yes.

Pearl: I will tell you. Divine just likes to run around and unicorns. P-E-A-R-L just likes to run around. Olive just likes lots of toys to play with. Azure just likes lots of toys to play with and food. Did that help you?

Me: Yes, thank you, Pearl.

Pearl: Now you know.

Now I know.


  1. That is about the cutest conversation I've heard in a long time! Children are more sensitive than you think. Now, if they would just clean the bathroom to prove it!

  2. Don't you just love how simple things are to children? Sometimes I wish I had that mindset. I think I take things too seriously!

  3. She is so cute. It is hard to be a mom, but in the end children are the easiest humans to please.

  4. Oh, the "P-E-A-R-L-'S" of wisdom that come from that child astound and delight me.

    Just love it!!!


  5. I love it Katy! Send her my way to figure mine out!

  6. Love the stuck sucker. It's like no one knows it's there.

    Great convo!


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