14 November 2007

And I thought it was winter

I spent the last week rotating: summer clothes cleaned (you would be surprised how my children have this habit of putting dirty clothes back in their draw rather than take that oh-so-long trip to the hamper), folded, sorted, put in labeled bins, winter clothes brought out, put away in drawers, dresses hung. (Didn't I just do this?) I foolishly thought winter was arriving. As I lay in my bed this morning, with the NPR news attempting to lure me out of my cozy bed, the weather forecaster announced an 80 degree day today. What? No, you cannot do this to me. I've already put summer clothes away. We WILL have winter now. She didn't listen. It's already 70 degrees. I guess we'll just sweat in our long sleeved, hooded, fleece apparel.


  1. Yes! Command it to come. Mothers have lots of power!

  2. I am impressed that you even divide the clothes into seasons--I'm barely handling it with just the sizes!!

  3. I am wishing for winter here in Provo as well.

    Azure has such a cute smile!

  4. Two azure blue spots amongst the pinks, and orange. Oh yeah--h-h-h and kissable [even if they are hot]sweet cheeks.

    Ah me! Pure heaven.


  5. Please don't ever look in my closet okay?

  6. After all your comments, you make me feel so organized, which I didn't think I was--THANKS!


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