04 September 2007

This is called a drip sand castle. It's all about patience and slow additions. Several times I lost an entire side because I tried to add too much at a time. BUT, if you wait too long, there won't be enough water in the already dripped sand to withstand more sand drips. It's an art, really. Just like children. Teaching a child is a balancing act. You try to force too much and they simply collapse, but if there isn't enough growth, there is resistance down the road. I have decided to keep Pearl home with me one last year before she joins Divine and the other masses of children at our local elementary school. I guess I want to be the one in charge of her final shaping before she moves on to bigger and better "structures".


  1. That is the hardest part about being a parent--knowing when to stop the drips. I know only the spirit knows that.

  2. Remember when we made those in Nantucket? It seems like yesteray and forever ago! You are such a good mom, Katy, I can't get my kids out the door to school fast enough and here you are focusing on Pearl's "final shaping" before she enters the big wide world. I wish I had your patience.

  3. Jordan,
    Having Divine go into first grade made me realize how fast this time goes--though it really doesn't seem like it at the time. I don't have any more patience than you.

  4. We must have children that are the same ages! I have one in 1st grade and a kindergartener next year (we are also attempting the "final shaping" before the big world...

    How old are all your girls? My girls are 6 and 4 (since July) and my boys are 2 (since May) and 2 months.

    What a dripper! You're girls look like they are having a blast!!! We just went to St. Augustine beach this past labor day and loved it! Let's plan a trip to the Jacksonville beaches together sometime. I will email you...

  5. Ingrid, it sounds like our two oldest girls are the same age. My two younger are just 3 and just one. We would love to meet at the beach!

  6. i didn't push to have ethan start kindergarten until this year. he is the oldest in his class and i don't think thats a bad thing at all. his first few moments at school were spent patting distraught kids on the back, telling them it'll all be all right. and then he turned to engage his new and unsuspecting teacher with a bombardment of questions. i chalk that sort of confidence in part to his personality, in part to his maturity.
    school cramps my style. i am annoyed at the hoops i must leap through just to live my life. home school is sounding better and better...


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