31 August 2007

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

This is my new motto, my new motivation. I have finally gotten to the point where I feel "prepared". I have a decent supply of food (still working on the water), and my emergency kits are put together and organized. BUT, I wander into the closet of food storage (Olive's closet) and feel I have reached my goal and I can rest. What is so bad about that? A feeling of complacency would accurately describe what I could feel, but dangerous if I let it. Like most anything worth while in life, it is a process and not a destination. Now I must rotate: use, replenish, repeat.

Serving his mission in Japan, Ryan is a rice connoisseur (that's a nice way of saying snob) and he has convinced me of his taste in rice. So, we don't buy it from the cannery, but buy it in bulk at Costco and this is my new way of storing it--tah dah! I have recently developed a crazy passion for bags that you suck the air out of for food, clothing, blankets (if you think of any other use, let me know!) Anyhow, this is our rice storage including long grain, basmati, and jasmine. One must have a variety, right? These bags can be re-used, whereas the #10 cans cannot, so I figure they're a money saving investment (is that repetitiously redundant?)

As for wheat, I'm trying to phase out (or at least partially replace) the use of refined, white flour. I'll post a most delectable recipe for cookies soon...


  1. Katy, you are my hero. This is one of the first things I want to do when we finally have our own home. I'm starting to accumulate cans now, but the real organization will be when i can store it more permanantly.

    Can't wait for the recipe.

  2. Where's the cookie recipe--I'm starving!!


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