07 September 2007

Harping on the Subject

One would think we have enough harping going on around here, but this little Prelude arrived on our doorstep in a GIGANTIC box yesterday, and we simply couldn't resist. This is a gift from Gammy. Thank you, Gammy. So far, there has been much interest, and I'm hoping it's not simply the novelty. Pearl has spent the most time hugging and plucking and has mastered the sitting and holding. Her little feet have a tendency to curl around the soundboard when she really gets going. We will be giving a free concert to anyone interested....perhaps in a few years.


  1. Holy Cow!! That is quite the gift! What lucky lucky girls, they will make their musical mama proud (and Gammy, too!)

  2. Holy Harp! That is beautiful! Pearl looks like a natural. What a gift! (And the rug looks nice too by the way.)

  3. How fun! Just today, in the temple, I was thinking how I missed hearing Katy play her harp. Now you can pass that on to your girls!


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