15 August 2007

Purple Flag Day

Normally, a purple flag would not create a concern to me. But, living at the beach, it does. Sharks. Manatees. Man-O-Wars. Each day the life guards put flags up to inform beach goers of the ocean status. Usually, they're yellow. Swim in front of life guards. Sometimes red. Dangerous conditions, rip tides possible. Purple, however, has only appeared once. Today. Of course, there are always those who don't heed the warnings. They are out there with their boogie and surf boards, venturing into the water where one can only see what is on the surface. Perhaps it gives them a thrill to know there is danger possible. Why do we like to push the limits? Walk on the line instead of far from it? Pay no heed to warnings from those who know?
That is the relationship of parent and child. I don't tell my kids "little white lies" to make parenting easier. I tell them the truth or simply tell them it is something they don't need to know. My philosophy is that if I'm honest with them all the time, they will learn to trust and heed what I tell them. I'm hoping my theory isn't flawed. I'll let you know..in about 8-15 years.

The sting of a regular jellyfish (they say) is uncomfortable, the sting of a man-o-war (see above) is dangerous


  1. Katy,
    What you say about telling children 'white lies' is interesting to me because Slade and I have also sensed that telling 'white lies' may not be the best idea for this generation of children. They need to know for a certainty that they can rely on us to tell them the truth. Santa Claus has been a casualty of this philosophy but I'll chalk that up to collateral damage in the war we will face with the world over the hearts of our children.
    (oh that sounded very dramatic. did you hear those trumpets behind me? did you see that flag?)

  2. I agree with your theory but let me know how it goes nonetheless. I have always wanted a pet jellyfish! I think I'll do a blog about it.


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