22 June 2007

Stranger Danger Discussion

Me: (to Divine and Pearl) What would you do if a bad man tried to steal you?

Pearl: Hold onto something.

Me: He's stronger than you, Pearl. The first thing you do is yell as loudly as you can, bite him really hard, and run away.

Divine: What if he didn't take a shower?

Me: What do you mean?

Divine: What if he's stinky and tastes yucky?

Me: You still have to bite him as hard as you can.

Pearl: What if I break a bone if he drops me?

Me: That's okay, you just want to get away.

After a few minutes of pondering,

Pearl: If he's really short and not strong, then it's a good idea to hold onto something, right?


  1. Yes, Pearl is a PEARL of WISDOM--and the one to find a loop hole in all things. She will likely question the stranger so much that no danger will come of it.

    Divine, makes me smile the way she thinks, I too would not want to bite one that is stinky dirty.


  2. You made me happy and laugh today with this blog. Your dad just sat down by me and wanted to read them again and we both laughed again. Can I send this into Newsweek? They have a MYTURN section and you can write something personal. I can't wait to hug those two.

  3. Those girls are stunning beauties! Loved the dialogue.


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