11 June 2007

Pretty in Pink



When I first had girl numero uno, I resisted the pink. She wore mostly gender neutral clothes, green crib sheets, no glue-in bows (much to the dismay of the hospital nurse.) Number two, I was still going strong, but had occasional weakness for the feminine color. Here I am with 4 girls and now when I do laundry, I have whites, darks and, yes, PINKS. I have come to embrace pink. I still wouldn't concede to painting their whole bedroom pink, but their bathroom, well, pictures are worth a thousand words.


  1. WOW! That looks terrific. The whole bathroom glows. Did you just do this? I love the fingernail paint on the light switches.

  2. You can glow, too, just stand inside and you'll be a rosie glow! Yes, I did it this weekend.

  3. It is amazing what you can do with paint! I'm working on a series of objects where all I do is paint them a new color. It is interesting that I won't like an object one color, but love it another!

  4. It's nice you are continuing the tradition of "the pink bathroom". Do you need a flamingo?

  5. Dad, perhaps a flamingo is the just the finishing touch it needs! (Oh, and use #4 for nail polish.)

    Jacob, yes, color is amazing to work with. Even the type of lighting makes a huge difference.

  6. That bathroom SCREAMS flamingos!!!


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