12 June 2007



Are you tired of before and after photos yet? Well, there is one more up my sleeve, and that will be it...for a while.
This is our Music Room. Right now there isn't any music making because the harp is in Chicago being lovingly repaired. BUT, it will be the music room. The trim, if you look closely, has circles carved on it, to match the circle buttons in between (applied by the highly technologically advanced process--hot glue). The chandelier is still a work in progress--not happy with it right now--so if all you artists have a circle theme idea, please do share. Perhaps Ann's wedding will inspire.


  1. Katy! You are having WAY too much fun with this house. You will be so sad to leave it behind!

  2. I am having fun! I will be sad to leave it behind, but I've decided I need to live for the moment and beautify while I'm here--then enjoy it!

  3. Katy, that is good philosophy. You could be dead tomorrow. OK, that is a little dramatic and morbid but I have spent way too much time thinking in the future. Look at that beautiful nest you are creating!

  4. katy,
    just wanted to know if your dots and trim are patented collection or if i am free to copy it for my kids room.

  5. I would be flattered if you used the trim in your kids' bedroom, Jennifer! However, you might want to use a more permanent method for applying the dots, as your kids will be alone with them, plucking them off one by one. :)


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