04 June 2007

Hmmmmm. Where could they possibly be?


  1. Ummmm....behind the toilet lids? So, what were you in the market for at Home Depot?

  2. Oh, that's our second home--new light fixtures for the kitchen and entrance, blinds for the girls' room, safety handles, rocking chair, tub stopper, door stopper, light switch plates, paint...you name it!

  3. The best part are the shoes! What a great pictures. It reminds me of the movie your dad and I made in High School and had our head showing through the toilet seat.

  4. jennifer gaunttJune 05, 2007 8:55 PM

    they remind me of skirted ostriches. is this a monkey-see monkey-do sort of scenario or were they all simutaneously genuinely curious to know if there would be a toilet bowl underneath?
    i sent you an email to puffydill. i hope you still check that acct. if not, go and report back!


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